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Our faces are different and our stature depends on the chorus to which we belong, we are androgynous or beings without sex, beautiful and emanate pure light. We are of different races, measures, and forms. Each choir of Angels we carry different color in our wings that are pure energy that duplicates in our auras.

We rarely speak to communicate with you and if you think you have heard us it was probably your Guiding Spirits while they were in the presence of an Angel.

Guides can become angry or empathetic. If you fall, they worry, but the Angeles do not have emotions, we only provide love energy constantly. We are pure innocence, if we laugh it is because we are a pure joy but we have no sense of humor. If you allow us to read your mind then from that moment you can call us without verbalizing. Just think on us and we are with you. It is easier to communicate with us than with your Guides. Your Guides have agendas, see that you are always on your way, talk with the members of the council made up of the elders also known as teachers in teaching. The elders are the ones who help you with your life plan when you decide to what life you want to come to.

The Council helps you choose the geographical location, what you need to do, what subject you have to perfect, what you want to retract if you enter a difficult situation, and what the consequences would be. Everything is outlined before you come here.

Connect with your Angels through Carolina by following the link:  SPIRITUAL ADVISOR ONLINE

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