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We have appeared in the greatest religions, mythologies, and pagan groups. We have also appeared in literature, music, paintings, mosaics and every one interpreted us in the way that we made ourselves known but we are real beings of different appearance in many cases. In recent years we have penetrated human consciousness deeply because humanity has evolved greatly in spiritual and generous belief. We are the ones who do miracles and those of us who are looking for a way to let you know that you are not alone on earth. Many times, we connect you with your loved ones who are already on our side through dreams or we help them to give you messages.

We are trillions guarding the planet to which you decided to come to learn and grow as a spirit. We do not have individual names and we are not worried about the names and works that they give us in some religions, we just take the message and go to help you in a specific situation, we help you to make some things happen. We do everything with the purest love, without imperfections.

Guides do carry emotions unlike ours because they were humanized.

Connect with your Angels through Carolina by following the link:  SPIRITUAL ADVISOR ONLINE

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