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We are messengers of peace, love, and harmony. Beings of light, immortal spirits endowed with intelligence and will. We serve God and help human beings. We are always attentive to the orders of our creator.

We are also custodians and protectors. We strengthen you to fight the negative energy around you. We rejoice when it happens because that is what the life you chose is about. We are in the good and the not so good and we never judge you, we are your traveling companions until the end of your incarnation. We are always aware of your words, actions, gestures, works and we can intuit what you want or what you need. We can only access your thoughts if you allow us. We communicate telepathically among ourselves.

We Angels do not incarnate, the Guides do at least once, that’s why they perfectly understand how you feel when you’re cheerful or when you feel sad.

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