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Carolina Alexandr

Over 25 years of experience
bringing light and inner peace

Magical and special, covered with spirituality and mystic strength. Carolina has more than 25 years of experience consulting the Tarot with the help of the Angels

In terms of numerology, Carolina is a number 11 known as a master number of higher vibrations. It means she has followed a spiritual path for a long time, more than one incarnation throughout her evolution, where she has learned from the mysteries of life and death. The knowledge or inner light she acquired has made her understand that the true and only meaning of life is her own interior perfection and her surrender without restrictions or reserves to serve and help humanity.

Carolina is endowed with wisdom, knowledge and a great moral, which leads her to the highest positions of prestige to provide Spiritual Advice through the Angels as she learned to communicate with them from a very young age.

She is intelligent, inspired, artistic, intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant, sensitive and sentimental. She perceives the true essence of life and the need to observe and fulfill the laws and precepts that govern it, her obligation is to teach others to walk the “golden path” that leads to cosmic knowledge and supreme perfection. Her extrasensory perception accentuates her strength to overcome any difficulty. Her guard is Divine Love. She knows she is in contact with the forces of the universe that inspire and help her to find light in each of her steps and in each of her readings and spiritual therapies with total impartiality.

She is aware of the high degree of responsibility that she carries with her because of the influence she has on people’s lives and that acting negatively would only go against her evolutionary growth.

This is an incarnation of proof for her, during which she will always be demanded with very high and severe levels of behavior. That makes her sensible, practical and idealistic.

Lover of balance knows well the tolerance and patience that give talent, courage, ability, and power, she knows the real power is in serving others.

Her philosophy is effective, fair and honest. Her spiritual studies highlight her creative potential and are based on long years of research and experience.

She always leaves a mark behind herself. It can be very difficult to escape from her charisma or to remain the same person after meeting her. She works to achieve peace and harmony. She was born to be inspiration, light, and guide among her fellows.

It is fair to say that she is “captain of her soul and owner of her destiny”.
Carolina recognizes with humility and gratitude that she has been chosen as the Channel Connector of Guides and Angels and through her, the Divine Wisdom may be manifested.

Learn more about the services provided by Carolina here:  SPIRITUAL ADVISOR

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